Welcome to Jackson Hobby Farm

Eggs, honey, worm compost, fresh-cut herbs, potted succulents/ plants, farm experiences, and more!

Burton, Michigan


Welcome to Jackson Hobby Farm

As the owners of a new 8-acre hobby farm in Burton, MI  we are enhancing our love of nature by having farm animals, herbs, honey bees, grapevines, gardens, composting worms, and more.

We are often asked, What is a Hobby Farm? It is a place that one can experience a little of everything that always piqued your interest.  We focus our passion on making the best use of the things that surround us and look to find ways to expand and improve upon their impact in our lives.

This lifelong dream to have a farm has led us to an adventure to live life by doing; doing new things, doing things outside our comfort zone,  and doing things we never thought we would do. Perhaps you are in one of these categories. Perhaps you already have a shared passion.

Join us and watch us on our adventures as we learn and do. 

Troy & Rachel

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Farm Photos

We’d love to have you visit and enjoy these beautiful pastures, meet the animals or learn a new homesteading skill. Until then, click the button below to take a virtual homestead tour!